Deep End, The

In this thriller, a woman hides the corpse of her gay teen son's lover, hoping to prevent the police from suspecting him in their murder investigation.

  • Starring: Tilda Swinton and Goran Visnje
  • Director(s): Scott McGhee, David Siegel
  • Producer(s): The Deep End, LLC
  • Screenwriter(s): Scott McGehee
  • Distributor: Fox Searchlight
  • Animal Coordinator: Dwayne Platt
  • Release Date: Wednesday, August 08, 2001

Featured Animal Action

Ducks, birds, and seagulls were filmed in their natural habitats. A large aquarium is seen in the background of several scenes. The aquarium is in the house where the story takes place. The aquarium and fish were provided by the animal coordinator and returned safely when the production was over.