Long Kiss Goodnight, The

The Long Kiss Goodnight is a film about Samantha Cain, an ordinary house wife who happens to have amnesia. She later discovers through a bizarre chain of events that she is actually a trained secret agent. Flashes of her memory start to surface and what she remembers is very frightening. Through Mitchell, a private investigator, she obtains information about a previous address she supposedly lived at. Samantha and Mitchell set out on a journey to uncover the truth about her identity. Along the way they run into some of Samantha's old friends from the agency who are of the opinion that she should stay dead, as believed.

  • Starring: Gena Davis, Samuel L. Jackson, Yvonne Zima and Craig Bierko
  • Director(s): Renny Harlin
  • Producer(s): Momentum Films
  • Screenwriter(s): Shane Black
  • Distributor: New Line Cinema
  • Release Date: Friday, October 11, 1996

Featured Animal Action

In one scene a deer is seen being hit by Samantha's car. After waking up from the crash, Samantha sees the dear still alive lying in the snow. She approaches the animal and puts him out of his misery by breaking its neck. For this scene an animatronic dear was used. Other animal action consist of a mother goat and her babies seen at the end of the film. The mother goat was tethered to a stake and the babies naturally stayed close by. Wranglers were placed strategically around the goats to retrieve any that might stray. American Humane was notified about the goat action and was present on the set. However, our office was not notified about the other animal action.