Wolves, The

A present day drama, set in Northern Alaska, The Wolves relates the story of Blackie and Barbara, brother and sister, who have inherited 50,000 acres of land in Northern Alaska.

  • Starring: Darren Dalton and Raimond Harstorp
  • Director(s): Steven Carver
  • Producer(s): Steven Carver
  • Screenwriter(s): Artur Brauner, Charles Osburn
  • Distributor: TriMark Pictures
  • Release Date: Friday, February 24, 1995

Featured Animal Action

The animal action begins with the opening credits. A pack of wolves is seen chasing a wild boar. During the chase scenes, there are flash cuts of a deer grazing, a beaver running along a log, red foxes and rabbits running around. Shots are fired at the boar. The boar is wounded, and the wolves lunge at it. Before the wolves can do much damage, more shots are fired into the air, scaring the wolves off. One man falls over the dead boar.

As Blackie's plane is about to land, a flock of birds land in a tree. In the forest we see a buck grazing, red foxes and a rabbit. In a later scene, we see a Jeep with a dead wolf on the hood. A wolf stands a few feet away snarling, unseen by the hunters.

Blackie wanders through the woods alone and the wolves begin to chase him. We see a deer shot with a bow and arrow. The deer goes down and one of the characters removes the arrow. As a wolf watches this action from a cliff above, men sneak up and shoot him.

On another outing alone, Blackie sits in a meditative position as if in a trance. A wolf that has been watching him, walks right up to Blackie. They make friends and he finds that the wolf has been wounded by a bullet. Blackie, pulls out a first aid kit and spreads salve on the wound. Then, the wolf runs off. Later, when a pack of wolves approaches Blackie, it is Blackie's wolf friend who recognizes him, runs up to him, licks his face and allows Blackie to pet him. The rest of the pack run up to and past Blackie. His wolf friend grabs Blackie's hand to have him follow the pack. The wolves lead him directly into an area of the forest which looks as though it had been burned in a fire. There is a dead wolf and a dead red fox that lie in radio active material. In another part of the toxic waste, a wolf starts digging. When Blackie later tries to stop the toxic dumping, he is shot and nursed back to health by the wolves. As Blackie recovers in the wolves' den, three or four little wolf pups wrestle and play with each other.

Because this film was a German production filmed on location in Russia, American Humane was not on the set. After repeated attempts to get answers to our questions on the animal action and receiving no response.