Undercover Blues

Undercover Blues is a sophisticated, comical story involving spies of the 90's and how they combine marriage, parenthood and international intrigue. Jeff and Jane Blue are taking time away from their jobs, as they have just recently had the addition of a baby girl, also named Jane, to their family. The Blues are both undercover agents for the United States. They are very good at what they do so it isn't long before they are asked to assist their government again. They must try to stop Paulina Novachek, a Russian spy, from stealing five containers of C-22, a highly dangerous explosive. We watch as this couple, baby in tow, perform their services with the expertise for which they are noted.

  • Starring: Kathleen Turner and Dennis Quaid
  • Director(s): Herbert Ross
  • Producer(s): Michael Lobell
  • Screenwriter(s): Ian Abrams
  • Distributor: Metro Goldwyn Meyer
  • Release Date: Friday, September 10, 1993

Featured Animal Action

Animal action is minimal. In one scene Jeff and Jane take baby Jane to the zoo, where there is a tiger, elephants and alligators in their areas of the zoo. A man that has been following Jeff, with the intent of doing him bodily harm, runs up to Jeff wielding a knife. Jeff hits the man, sending him over the railing of the alligator pit. The man lands in the water with the gators all around. For this scene the alligators that were on land had been tied with waist ties (rubber coated cable) to stakes placed in the ground. The alligators in the water were tied to chain link panels placed a few inches below the water so that there was never any danger of the alligators having any contact with the actor or attacking each other. The gators were released immediately after the shot was completed. The man jumps up out of the water and climbs up in one of the trees, a gator snapping at him from below. The man drops one of his shoes and the alligator snatches the shoe up in his mouth. This scene was shot in cuts. The alligator was not present when the man scurries up the tree. On another take, a shoe was tossed in front of the alligator, who did what came naturally and snatched it up. A horse pulling a carriage in also present in one scene.