Van Wilder

Resident underachiever Van Wilder (Ryan Reynolds), a 6th-year Coolidge College senior, learns that his father will not pay for another semester, abruptly ending his cushy campus existence. Van must find a way to keep the party going without daddy’s bottomless wallet.

  • Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Tara Reid, Kal Penn
  • Director(s): Walt Becker
  • Producer(s): Robert Levy, Peter Abrams
  • Screenwriter(s): Brent Goldberg, David Wagner
  • Distributor: Artisan Entertainment
  • Animal Coordinator: Kim’s Exotic Pets
  • Release Date: Friday, April 05, 2002

Featured Animal Action

A Colossal Part

A Bulldog named Taker played the part of Colossus. Two trainers and a veterinarian accompanied the canine to the set. Taker wore a custom-fit lightweight harness with prosthetic latex genitals attached for its character, Colossus. There are many scenes in which Colossus lies on the floor, couch, or bed. For these scenes, a trainer set Taker on its mark and told it  to “stay” while another trainer stood off-camera and called to the dog from various spots to get it to look in certain directions.


Colossus also joins the fun by sitting in a hot tub with Van. The water temperature was a comfortable 70 degrees and Taker loved to be in water. To keep Taker at Van’s eye-level, Taker sat on apple crates, which were placed in the tub with several cushiony bean bags on top of them for Taker’s comfort. The dog was not wearing the prosthetic, but balloons were placed under the water near the dog and floated to the top. The steam that appeared was from a steam machine placed just off camera. 


Éclair Nightmare For this gross-out sequence involving éclairs, a trainer put the dog on its mark and gently moved its body back and forth, appearing as though the dog was being shaken. A trainer doubled as the actor for the close-ups with Colossus. 


Taking a Ride

Colossus accompanies Van and company around campus in a golf cart.. A trainer put the dog on its mark and stood off camera to cue Taker to stay. An actor held the dog as the cart was driven at a very slow speed. 



The large moose head that hangs over the fireplace in the fraternity house was supplied by the prop department. Also, the dog on the examining table was fake.