Warrior Spirit

A wilderness adventure tale about a teenager (Haas) and his Native American metis friend (Musy) who become friends in a U.S. boarding school in the 1800s. When they have to leave the school, they work as trappers in the Yukon and then go on a search for a legendary gold treasure. Along the way, Rod eagerly delves into Indian lore with Waby's spiritual guide Mukoki (Jimmy Herman). When they encounter resistance from a local tribe and struggle with what nature throws at them, they must depend on each together closely to survive.

  • Starring: Lucas Haas, Alain Musy, Jimmy Herman, and Jessica Welch
  • Director(s): Rene Manzor
  • Producer(s): Justine Heroux
  • Distributor: TriMark Pictures
  • Release Date: Thursday, January 05, 1995

Featured Animal Action

The boys observe men on dog sleds, shooting at the wildlife. Wabby explains to Rod that these men are fur trappers, the very profession in which his family is involved. As the boys continue on, they come across an Elk which stands in the snow in the wilderness. Rod appears to be very interested in the furrier business and makes a note to do some research of his own.