Wedding Band

Wedding Band takes an amusing look at a variety of ethnic weddings as we follow Marshall, a musician with plans for the big time from one gig to another. At one wedding barnyard animals are guests of honor as a symbol of good luck. Marshall's number one fan is Karla who loves him and has been his loyal audience at every wedding reception for the past five years. Out of frustration, and with patience wearing thin, Karla proposes to Marshall and he reluctantly accepts. With a June wedding and a lucrative shower party on her agenda, Karla is content at last. However, when Marshall's manager books a road tour that would interfere with their wedding date, it's more than Karla can bear and she breaks the engagement.

  • Starring: William Katt, Joyce Hyser
  • Director(s): Daniel Raskov
  • Screenwriter(s): Tino Insana
  • Release Date: Friday, March 02, 1990