Best Laid Plans

Best Laid Plans is a film about two friends, Nick and Bryce. Nick, along with his girlfriend, Lisa, devises a plan to steal merchandise from a mansion that Bryce is house sitting.

  • Starring: Reese Witherspoon, Josh Brolin
  • Director(s): Mike Barker
  • Producer(s): Tropico Pictures
  • Screenwriter(s): Ted Griffin
  • Distributor: Fox Searchlight
  • Animal Coordinator: Benay's Birds and Animals
  • Release Date: Friday, May 14, 1999

Featured Animal Action

There is a scene where a black cat is seen behind the tire of a car. The driver puts the car in reverse and runs over the cat. This scene was shot in cuts. The trainer placed the cat on its mark and stood approximately two feet away at all times. As a safety precaution the car was not running and the emergency brake was on. A fake cat doubled for the live cat when the car backed over it. Later the cat is at a veterinarian's office lying on a table. This was the live cat, trained to do a lie down and hold it. Other simple action includes an aquarium in the background at the mansion and a small dog being washed by a vet-tech.