Box of Moonlight

Box Of Moonlight is a film about Al Fountain, a very predictable individual who does the same things every day. A person can normally set his clock by Al's schedule until, one day, while out of town, he takes a detour on his way home. While visiting places from his childhood, Al comes upon a young man on the side of the road having mechanical problems with his car. Al stops and helps tow the man, known as the "Kid," and his car to Kid's home in the woods. After accepting the Kid's hospitality for the night, Al decides to stay a few days longer. In those few days, Al learns how much fun life could be if he would just let himself go and enjoy the moment. As a result of meeting the "Kid," Al sees life in a much different light.

  • Starring: John Turturro
  • Director(s): Tom DiCillo
  • Producer(s): Box Of Moonlight Pictures
  • Screenwriter(s): Tom DiCillo
  • Distributor: Lakeshore Entertainment
  • Animal Coordinator: Unknown
  • Release Date: Monday, July 22, 1996

Featured Animal Action

The animal action is mild with a few cows seen in a field as Al drives down a country road and a fake deer seen standing in the woods. There is also a scene where Al and Kid go into an auto-body shop in town and a dead deer is seen hanging from a pole. The deer was a victim of a highway accident and was purchased from the state of Tennessee.