Everybody Wants Some!!

Centers on the lives of baseball players in their first year of college.   
  • Starring: Glen Powell, Ryan Guzman
  • Director(s): Richard Linklater
  • Producer(s): Megan Ellison, Richard Linklater, Ginger Sledge  
  • Screenwriter(s): Richard Linklater
  • Distributor: Paramount Pictures
  • Animal Coordinator: Bernie Tiede
  • Release Date: Friday, April 15, 2016

Featured Animal Action

In the scene where the cat jumped out of the refrigerator, prior to filming the scene the trainer placed the cat inside the refrigerator and closed the door. The cat was in the refrigerator for forty-three seconds before the refrigerator door was opened by the actor. The actor opened the refrigerator, the cat jumped out, they shot the scene.