A tough young street vendor named Shawn (Channing Tatum) is trying to make ends meet. When a shady gambler sees him get in a street fight, he takes Shawn under his wing and serves as his manager and bookie for underground fighting.

  • Starring: Channing Tatum and Terrence Howard
  • Director(s): Dio Montiel
  • Producer(s): Kevin Misher
  • Screenwriter(s): Dito Montiel, Robert Munic
  • Distributor: Rogue Pictures
  • Animal Coordinator: Animal Actors, Inc.
  • Release Date: Friday, April 24, 2009

Featured Animal Action

Dogs Two bouncers stand on either side of a doorway at the entrance of a grocery store, each with a leashed bulldog at his feet. For this brief and mild action, trainers placed the dogs on their marks and cued them to sit and stay. The trainers then handed the leashes to the actors right before filming and retrieved them right after. The cast and crew members were introduced to the dogs and instructed on their proper handling before filming began. Due to late notification or limited resources, American Humane did not monitor some of the dog action or any of the pigeon action.