How To Make A Monster

When a new "scary" video game, Evilution, is tested by a group of unimpressed kids, the company hires three ex-convicts cum computer programmers to improve the game by competing to create the ultimate, terrifying video monster. The motive: $1 million to the winner. A truly terrifying twist brings their evil creation to life

  • Starring: Clea DuVall, Steven Culp, Tyler Mane and Jason Marsden
  • Director(s): George Huang
  • Producer(s): Creature Features
  • Screenwriter(s): George Huang
  • Distributor: HBO
  • Animal Coordinator: Aqua Trends
  • Release Date: Sunday, October 14, 2001

Featured Animal Action

A company called Aqua Trends provided the fish and aquarium that was in the wall of the programming room in the film. Aqua Trends maintained the aquarium throughout the production. In one scene, the intern, Laura, drops some food into the aquarium. The actress was instructed by one of the experts at the company on how much food to give the fish before the scene was filmed. The real fish were replaced with rubber ones when the aquarium breaks during the fight sequence with the monster.