Improper Conduct

Ashley is a beautiful young woman who works as an artist for an advertising agency. If she isn't working, she is, without realizing it, attracting the attention of just about every man she comes in contact with. She does believe, however, that she can have male friends as lovers, while simply remaining friends. Ashley and her co-workers are at their annual Christmas Party which takes place at the agency. After consuming more alcohol than usual, a few co-workers indulge themselves in other activities: For example, Ashley and her co-worker, John, happen into the copy room where they make mad passionate love on the copy machine. What they don't realize is that Michael, the head of the agency, watches them. Little does Ashley know that this evening will lead her into more sex, as well as murder and mayhem.

  • Starring: Steven Baura, Tahnee Welch, Nia Peeples, Stuart Whitman, and John Laughlind
  • Director(s): Jag Mundhra
  • Producer(s): Everest Pictures
  • Screenwriter(s): Carl Austin
  • Distributor: Monarch Home Video
  • Release Date: Wednesday, September 28, 1994

Featured Animal Action

The animal action is minimal. In one scene, a cat is there to greet Ashley when she returns home from the office party. In other scenes, Ashley feeds the cat in the kitchen and pets the cat on the sofa while talking on the phone. Later, Ashley's sister Kari also pets the cat. In one scene, Kari runs into the house in a panic. This scares the cat, who jumps off the couch and runs quickly into another room. The cat was owned by one of the actors in the film. To accomplish this scene, the cat's owner merely called to him from off stage. A bowl of goldfish is also seen as background in Ashley's attorney's office.