Occasional Hell, An

An Occasional Hell is a drama about Professor Ernie Dewahl, who is an ex-cop hired by Elizabeth Lawton. Elizabeth's husband was murdered and she is the prime suspect, so Ernie has to prove her innocence and find the real killers.

  • Starring: Tom Berenger
  • Director(s): Salome Breziner
  • Producer(s): Greenlight Productions, Inc.
  • Screenwriter(s): Anton Sanko
  • Release Date: Wednesday, June 19, 1996

Featured Animal Action

A dog is seen in a few scenes, playing with two kids and laying down by his doghouse in the backyard. A cat is also seen in a few scenes, walking on a table and walking across the floor. The cat is supposedly killed and it's head put in a garbage disposal. This is not shown, however, a cop pulls a cat's head out of the garbage disposal.

Other animal action consists of a woman holding a dead fish and two lizards are seen laying across a window. There is also a deer head on a wall and a stuffed pheasant on a cabinet.