Rodeo Bloopers 2

Rodeo Bloopers 2 is a compilation of footage from actual rodeo shows and contests which will be marketed as a video. Much of the footage was acquired from private individuals who used their home video equipment to tape various live performances. The word "bloopers" as we've come to know it from today's television, connotes a humorous blunder or accident. However, in this video, many of the bloopers are accidents incurred by horses or livestock and there is nothing humorous about seeing a horse or a bull fall or awkwardly hurtle over a fence, presumably crashing to the ground on the other side. I say presumably because there is seldom any filmed follow-thru or resolution of any of these accidents.

  • Producer(s): Rodeo Video, Inc.
  • Distributor: Rodeo Video, Inc.
  • Release Date: Friday, November 01, 1991

Featured Animal Action

The American Humane Association has long been opposed to rodeos as a matter of policy. Normally, American Humane's reviews deal with the illusion of reality as it pertains to animal action. Unfortunately, in Rodeo Bloopers 2 the accidents are not an illusion.