Striptease is the story of Erin Grant, a woman who has taken up stripping for a living after loosing her job as a secretary for the F.B.I. Her ex-husband, Derryl, has received custody of their daughter, Angela, and was also the cause for Erin's dismissal from the F.B.I. as he had been an informant. Although Erin works very hard to try and earn money so she may regain custody of her daughter, Derryl makes it as hard as he can to prohibit this from happening.

  • Starring: Demi Moore and Burt Renolds
  • Director(s): Andrew Bergman
  • Producer(s): Lobell / Bergman Productions
  • Screenwriter(s): Andrew Bergman
  • Distributor: Columbia Pictures
  • Release Date: Monday, April 08, 1996

Featured Animal Action

A monkey is seen in a few scenes as one of the bouncers' pets. The monkey sits on the man's shoulder and head, and is seen in a cage for one scene. One of the stripers also has a pet snake which she uses it as part of her routine. The snake is seen around the striper's neck In one scene one of the bouncers is seen putting yogurt in a bowl. He doesn't notice, but there are six cockroaches already in the bowl. He dumps the yogurt in and eats it. These were fake "Gummi-Bear" roaches. Other animal action entailed chickens in one background scene, a dog being walked on a leash and playing ball, one background scene shot at the Miami Seaquairum while the dolphins were performing, and the sound of a squalling cat was added in post production for one other scene.