What's Love Got to Do With It

What's Love Got To Do With It, set in the south in 1948, is the story of a young girl, Anna Mae, and how she grows up to become Tina Turner. Anna Mae was always a little different and very interested in singing. It just seemed to come naturally to her. One day after being dismissed from choir practice for being disruptive with her jazz type singing, Anna Mae comes home just in time to see her mother and sister packing up the truck and leaving. She runs to the house and is informed by her grandmother that they will not be coming back for her. Anna Mae is crushed, but as we will see this is just the beginning of the never-ending traumas and tragedies that occur in her life. In 1959 Anna Mae is finally reunited with her mother and sister. Her sister works in a jazz club and takes Anna Mae to work with her. This turns out to be a major turning point in Anna's life, as this is the place she will meet Ike Turner and start the steep uphill climb to become the famous singer, Tina Turner. Little does she know just how much this will cost her.

  • Starring: Angela Bassett and Larry Fishburne
  • Director(s): Brian Gibson
  • Producer(s): Doug Chaplin and Barry Krost
  • Screenwriter(s): Kate Lanier
  • Distributor: Touchstone Pictures
  • Release Date: Wednesday, June 09, 1993

Featured Animal Action

Animal action is minimal. In one scene Anna Mae is on her way home from choir practice. She stops in a field and picks up a cricket off the leaf of a plant. Other animal action includes a horse being ridden in the background of one scene, a dog lying on a front porch, and fish in an aquarium as atmosphere.