Rattled is a film about rattlesnake's terrorizing a community after a construction company dynamites their dwelling while they are still in hibernation. The Eden Valley Construction Company is blasting and bulldozing their way to access the central aqueduct in order to build, the Eden Valley Water Project. Eden Valley Water Park is a community water park that has been designed by Paul Donahue. Unbeknownst to Paul, is that the area they have chosen is the home to hundreds of rattle snakes, that at the present time are in hibernation. When the blasting starts, many of the rattle snakes are killed while others flee to find a new home. After being in hibernation, the reptiles are very hungry, which makes them unusually aggressive. In their quest to find food and new lodgings they are seen slithering through homes, bird cages, foliage, a water power plant, and the construction site. Along their journey many people are bitten. Domestic birds and a pet rat become dinner for some of the snakes. In desperation, Paul consults Dr. Remsen, a specialties on snakes and their habit. With the help of Dr. Remsen and Animal Control, the reptiles are captured and deposited to a new home.

  • Starring: William Katt and Shana Reed
  • Director(s): Tony Randall
  • Producer(s): Great Falls Productions Inc.
  • Screenwriter(s): Ken Wheat
  • Distributor: MCA / Home Entertainment
  • Animal Coordinator: Unknown
  • Release Date: Wednesday, February 21, 1996

Featured Animal Action

Early in the film, a foreman for the Eden Valley Project is bitten by a rattler while standing in front of a wood pile at the site. The snake is seen slithering among the wood and then he strikes at the foramen's pant leg. For this scene, the wrangler placed the snake on its mark and inserted fake legs for the snake to strike at. When the snake is seen crawling through the wood-pile, a wrangler, in costume, stood in front of the camera acting as the foreman. In yet another scene, a pet rat is seen in a cage in a bedroom of Paul's house. Later, the rat is missing and the bars of the cage have been pushed apart. During that same scene the snake is seen under the bed with a bulge to his body, making you think that he has eaten the rat. Again there is never any contact seen between the rat and the snake. The wrangler merely placed the snake on its mark and retrieved it after completion of the shot. There is a scene, where a female water-plant worker encounters several snakes at a power plant near the blasting area. She first finds a snake inside an electrical fuse box where it has been electrocuted. Then she hears noises behind her and she turns to find snakes on the floor and hanging from above pipes. There are several snakes surrounding her on the floor and she is bitten a few times. She stabs one of the snakes with her knife, leaving it stuck to the wall as she makes her escape. The scene was filmed in cuts. The snake seen in the fuse box and the one she stabs were rubber snakes. A stunt-double was used when the actor is seen being bitten by the snakes. The snakes seen lying around the floor and on the pipes were placed there by wranglers and retrieved after completion of the scene. In one scene, Murray, the owner of the construction company, is bitten as he goes to check on a noise coming from his living room. Upon arriving in the living room, he sees the bird cage on the floor and the bird is missing. Murray then hears a hissing noise and the snake lunges at his neck, biting him. The snake is jerked off, landing on the floor. Murray then shoots the snake, killing it. A mechanical snake was used for this scene. Real snakes cannot lunge through the air. There is a scene at Paul's house where his stepdaughter, Michelle, finds a snake in the clothes hamper. She tosses a towel over the snake and then proceeds to carry the towel with the snake supposedly inside to the toilet, flushing it. After going back into the tub area, Michelle hears the toilet overflowing and we see a snake crawling out of the toilet bowl. Next the snake is seen slithering out onto the floor going towards Michelle, who is standing on top of the bathtub. The scene was shot in cuts. For the segment of Michelle finding the snake in the laundry basket, the wrangler placed the sutured snake with the clothes and showed the actor how to pick them up. When the snake strikes, the wrangler held a white cloth in front of the snake which made him strike at it. The special effects man added extra water to the toilet bowl and then the wrangler placed the snake inside. The trainer retrieved the snake in between takes. When the snake is seen crawling across the bathroom floor, the wrangler merely placed the snake on the floor and let it crawl naturally. When Paul goes to consult Dr. Remsen, the doctor is in his laboratory surrounded by aquariums with various species of snakes in them. Paul finds the doctor reaching for a huge albino python. Dr. Remsen asks Paul to help him hold the snake as they walk towards a table where they place it on a table. The wrangler handed the snake over to the actors and they carried it from A to B. The wrangler retrieved the reptile at completion of the shot. The snakes seen in the background were merely placed in the aquariums by the wrangler. There is a scene near the end of the film where Adam and his friend discover the power plant and go inside to play. After entering, the kids are confronted with snakes everywhere. Adam's friend escapes but he is trapped inside with the snakes between him and the exit. For this scene, four wranglers placed sutured rattlers and water snakes on the floor. After the scene, the wranglers retrieved the snakes. In another scene, the doctor and Paul find the snakes new den, located at the power plant. In addition, Paul discovers that his stepson, Adam, is trapped inside the building. Paul puts on protective boots and goes in to rescue Adam. After walking a short distance, he comes upon several snakes slithering on the floor. Paul grabs the fire extinguisher and sprays the snakes to enable him to walk past. He then proceeds down the hallway to Adam. Again he is faced with snakes hanging from pipes and slithering on the floor. He successfully retrieves Adam and makes his way down the hall to an exit. When he reaches the exit, he attempts to walk among the many snakes on the floor between him and freedom. Snakes are seen striking his boots, pant leg, and his hand. Paul grabs the snake, throwing it at the wall. For the segment where Paul finds the snakes and sprays them with the fire extinguisher, four wranglers placed the sutured snakes on their mark. The fire extinguisher was only used for two to three seconds then a fan was immediately turned on to remove the CO2 from the air. The wranglers were also there with hooks to remove the snakes. A stunt-double was used when the snakes are seen striking the pant leg and the boot. A mechanical snake was used for the portion of the snake biting the actor's hand and the actor throwing it at the wall. Adam and his friend find a dead snake while out playing. They pick up the snake with the tip of a stick. The two boys then pull a prank on Adam's family by attaching the dead snake to the family phone. Paul picks up the phone and sees the snake hanging from the receiver. Paul is then seen carrying the dead snake by a shovel to the backyard, where he proceeds to bury it. A fake snake was used for this scene. There are two scenes of a frog sitting in a pond. In one scene, the frog is seen plopping into the water from a rock. In the other scene, a snakes head is seen striking out, leading one to believe that he ate the frog. There is no visible contact seen between the frog and snake. The trainer tied a fishing line around the waist of the frog and then placed him on the rock. A mechanical rattle snake was used for the portion of the snake lunging at the frog. In two different scenes, a gardener is seen unknowingly coming into contact with a snake. On one occasion the gardener is watering some bushes and he almost steps on a coiled snake. Then another time he is picking up some cut foliage and a snake is seen inside as he puts it into his truck. For both of these scenes the wrangler, in costume acted as the gardener. In the first scene he placed the snake on its mark and stepped past it. For the second scene, the wrangler placed the snake in the foliage and then picked the foliage up and pushed it aside. In many scenes snakes are seen slithering on a hillside, on top of a tree-house, around the construction site, in the power plant, and slithering among rocks. The wranglers merely placed the snakes on their mark and retrieved them after filming. Other animal action consist of a rat seen sitting in a cage in Adam's bedroom, and an aviary full of birds. In one scene, the aviary is found empty and a reference is made to the affect that they were eaten by snakes, after the rattle a of a rattle snake, is found in the cage. In all of the above scenes the animals were placed on their mark by the wrangler and retrieved after completion of the shot. For all of the scenes where sutured snakes were used, an experienced snake wrangler sutured the snakes mouth closed using all necessary precautions to avoid injury to the snake. When the suturing was removed, antibiotics were used to avoid any infection to the snake.