Stir of Echoes

In Stir of Echoes an ordinary man, after being hypnotized, is plagued by a disturbing spirit that is haunting his house. This psychological door that opens for him also plunges him into a downward spiral as he relentlessly looks for the reason behind his hallucinations.

  • Starring: Kevin Bacon
  • Director(s): David Koepp
  • Producer(s): Cacophnay Productions
  • Screenwriter(s): David Koepp
  • Distributor: Artisan Entertainment
  • Animal Coordinator: Janet Contursi
  • Release Date: Wednesday, October 13, 1999

Featured Animal Action

During one of his hallucinations, Tom walks down his neighborhood street and notices a dog sitting in one of the front yards. When he awakens from the hallucination, he walks the same route to discern the reality that he believes the delusion has foreshadowed. The same dog is there and this time it barks at the postal worker who walks into the yard. This action was performed by a local police dog trained to bark on command.