Campfire Tales

Campfire Tales is a film about Cliff and three of his friends who are driving back from a concert when they have an accident. They find themselves in the middle of no-where and so they take shelter in an abandoned chapel. With nothing to do while they wait for help, the teens start telling ghost stories, thoroughly scaring each other. After a while Cliff sees a light and goes to check and see if it is help. Upon his return to the chapel, he finds his friends gone, leaving Cliff confused and bewildered.

  • Starring: Alec Mckenna
  • Director(s): Martin Kunert
  • Producer(s): Campfire, L.L.C
  • Screenwriter(s): Martin Kunert, Eric Manes
  • Distributor: New Line Cinema
  • Animal Coordinator: Unknown
  • Release Date: Wednesday, January 22, 1997

Featured Animal Action

One of the ghost stories told is about a little girl named Amanda and her dog Odin, and the killer who breaks into her home. The dog is seen walking A to B from room to room with the actor, playing in the backyard, licking the actor's finger from under a bed, and crawling though a doggy door. After the man enters the house the dog is found under Amanda's bed dead. The trainer used verbal and hand commands to cue the dog with food as a reward. To get the dog to lick the actor's fingers, the trainer applied baby food to the fingers. For the shot of the dog lying dead under the bed, a fake dog was used with prop blood.