Ernest Rides Again

Buffoonish Ernest and his dimwitted pal Abner unearth a huge cannon reputed to contain the crown jewels of England.

  • Starring: Jim Varney
  • Director(s): John R. Cherry III
  • Producer(s): Ernest Partners, Ltd
  • Screenwriter(s): John R. Cherry III, William M. Akers
  • Distributor: Emshell Producers Group
  • Animal Coordinator: Unknown
  • Release Date: Thursday, August 26, 1993

Featured Animal Action

This was a Canadian production with very minimal and mild animal action. A close up shot of a Tarantula is seen in two separate shots and a lizard is present crawling across a rock in a wooded area in one close up shot. We did not monitor animal action, therefore, we are not rating this film.