Brady Bunch, The

Based on the popular television series, the theatrical motion picture version of "The Brady Bunch" begins with the happy All American family we know so well.. But soon we learn that all is not as it appears to be. The middle daughter thinks she is not appreciated by her parents, the older son wants to be a rock star, and another sibling is just beginning to discover girls. It is not hard to get caught up in this lunacy, a spirited spoof with winning performances from an excellent cast and plenty of jokes about the hideous fashions of the 1970's. Sporting goofy perms, big collars, bellbottoms and platform shoes that continually provide amusement, the six new Brady kids are almost carbon copies of the originals. The costumes and sets are authentic. Meanwhile their next door neighbor, a greedy real estate agent, is trying to sell the Brady house with all of the others on the block for a commercial venture that will benefit him only. The Brady Family is not aware of this until they receive a tax notice. They owe $20,000 that must be paid within the next few days. Parents and children alike dream up ways in which to raise the money in order to meet the deadline. Finally, at the urging of their middle daughter, they enter a talent contest and win the first prize of $20,000 which saves their home -- along with those of their neighbors.

  • Starring: Shelley Long, Gary Cole, Michael McKean, Jean Smart, Elise Cox, Henriette Mantel, Christopher Daniel Barnes, Christine Taylor, Paul Sutera, Jennifer Jesse Lee, Olivia Hack, David Graf, Jack RuPaul, Noseworthy, Shane Conrad and Florence Henderson
  • Director(s): Bettty Thomas
  • Producer(s): The Ladd Company
  • Screenwriter(s): Laurice Elehwany, Rick Copp, Bonnie Turner, Terry Turner
  • Distributor: Paramount Pictures
  • Release Date: Monday, January 23, 1995

Featured Animal Action

The animal action is minimal. One sequence calls for a small dog to urinate on the head of the villain. The dog, trained for this scene, was released by trainer number one and followed commands from his trainer to lift his leg. He then walked out of frame to trainer number two who had food waiting for him as a reward.