Demon Knight

Demon Knight is one story in the Tales From the Crypt series. This story keeps in step with the others as far as chills, thrills and extreme gore. Breaker, a man who we will soon discover is "The Chosen One", must protect the last of the seven keys which, when owned by the dark side, can end the world as we know it. Breaker arrives in Wormwood, New Mexico after being chased down by an Not Monitored mad man who crashes his car into Breaker's, setting both cars ablaze. Breaker happens upon Willie, the town drunk, who shows him to a room for the night in an old church which is now a sleazy hotel. The Not Monitored man follows Breaker into town and convinces the local police that Breaker is a dangerous thief that must be apprehended. As expected, all "hell" breaks loose when the two men come head to horn, with death and destruction following until, in the end, good prevails over evil.

  • Starring: William Sadler
  • Director(s): Ernest Dickerson
  • Producer(s): Crybpt Keeper Pictures
  • Distributor: Universal City Studios
  • Animal Coordinator: Unknown
  • Release Date: Thursday, November 03, 1994

Featured Animal Action

Animal action is minimal. Cleo, a cat owned by one of the hotel dweller's, is seen in a few scenes being held, walking through the room and standing on the kitchen table.