Mystery Date

This is an action-packed comedy about Tom McQue, who has an almost identical older brother, Craig. The McQue family believes that Craig is a law student at Stanford University. Craig has come home for the weekend and talks Tom into asking Geena, a girl Tom has been watching from afar, out on a date. Craig then lends Tom his clothes, identification and credit cards for the date. Everyone mistakes Tom for Craig at the various nightclubs and restaurants that the couple go to. This case of mistaken identity takes them into the world of the Chinese Mafia, robbery, murder and mystery.

  • Starring: Ethan Hawke, Teri Polo and Brian McNimara
  • Director(s): Johnathan Wacks
  • Producer(s): Perils Prodcutions
  • Screenwriter(s): Parker Bennett, Terry Runte
  • Distributor: Orion Pictures
  • Animal Coordinator: Unknown

Featured Animal Action

Animal action is very minimal. In one scene as Tom is fleeing from the police, a Rottweiler on a leash, barks and jumps at Tom as he scurries through a neighbor's yard. In two other scenes there is a Miniature Schnauzer seen as the McQue's pet.