Two Family House

In this drama, Buddy and Estelle own a building where the tenants are not paying their rent. After they evict these tenants, Buddy has a change of heart. He discovers that one woman’s husband has left her broke and pregnant. Buddy decides to pay the rent  on an apartment for this ex-tenant and her unborn baby. He keeps this from his wife, which is his first mistake.

  • Starring: Michael Rispoli, Kelly MacDonald
  • Director(s): Raymond De Felitta
  • Producer(s): Anne Harrison
  • Screenwriter(s): Raymond De Felitta
  • Distributor: Lion’s Gate
  • Release Date: Saturday, October 09, 1999

Featured Animal Action

In one scene where Buddy and his friends meet outside the apartment building, we see a man holding a German Shepherd on a leash. The dog walks with this man and stands by his side when they are not walking. The trainer put the dog on its mark and handed the actor the dog’s leash. The dog stayed by the actor’s side until the scene was over.